Stress Headache Symptoms

Stress Headache Symptoms

 Stress Headache Symptoms

Stress headache symptoms are familiar to most people; about 30% to 80% of people have experienced it before. It is very rare and lucky for some individuals who have not experienced it before. Unlike some other headaches like migraine, neck tension headache, headache on on side of head or muscle tension headache, stress headache in most of the time is not so severe that it will affect a person’s daily routine. However, in some rare cases, these headaches do affect a person’s life especially if it happens frequently. 

These headaches can be diffuse in several locations of the head. It is often described as a band ring tight encircling around the head with the most intense pain over the eyebrows. It often begins from the back of the head and stretches along down to the upper neck. However, it is normally mild and bilateral, where sufferers experience pain from both sides of the head, unlike cluster headache, where only one side of the head is affected. 

Moreover, unlike migraine, stress headaches are not associated with nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to sound or light. It happened without a fixed period, unpredictable and can last in episodic basis, where an individual can experienced it in less than 15 days per month or even in a chronic basis where an individual experienced it daily or more than 15 days per month. 

Causes of stress headache

Reasons that trigger stress headache are due to lack of sleep, cold, flu and depression. It happens normally in the morning when an individual wakes up. The cause of it can be due to lack of sleep, wrong sleeping posture, or even choosing the wrong choice of pillow. 

This headache can influence a person’s daily life in a long term basis as it can lead to the development of insomnia, or the person will soon find difficulty in sleeping. To cure these headaches, a change in sleeping position and changing a new pillow that suits may help these people to get rid of morning headaches. 

In most of the time, individuals experiencing stress headache occasionally is not a big deal, as it is often develop by the accumulation of stress experienced by an individual. However, rare cases like individuals suffering from chronic stress headaches will need medical attentions. 

What are the stress headache symptoms?

This is because this headache can goes on constantly for 15 days a month for several consecutive months. Its symptoms are occasional headache, trigger by stress, anger or anxiety, that dull pain is experience in the morning and eventually grow to a serious stage over the course of the day. It can lead to clinical depression and anxiety in an individual. 

How to heal stress headache?

There are ways to heal stress headache. Although it has no “organic” cause which shown as an evidence that it can lead to brain stroke, tumor, or even other brain disease and injuries, it is important to treat it properly. 

Stress headaches symptoms can be treated by getting “over-the counter” medication such as aspirin, acetaminophen and other no steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, but most importantly, an individual should be aware of its stress level by knowing how to release stress properly and in an effective manner.

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